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Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement

In the implementation of this agreement, the relationship between the contracting parties is exclusively those of the independent contractors and nothing in this agreement should be construed as creating a different relationship between the parties, including an agency, partnership or working relationship. No party has the right or power to impose binding acts of violence on the other party or to act on behalf of the other party. No party declares itself to be a manager, partner, collaborator or representative of the other party under this agreement or the relationship established by this agreement or by other means. The duration of cooperation in the sense of point (b) (i) is five years from the date of entry into force; If Pinduoduo`s cumulative processing costs do not exceed the amount re-started after expiry, Pinduoduo`s non-cumulative amount may continue to accumulate after the expiry date, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Knorr-Bremse, a leading systems supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with FAW Jiefang Automotive Company, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. This marks the beginning of a new phase of closer cooperation in several areas. In order to ensure the legal rights and interests of the parties, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the People`s Republic of China, based on friendly debate and mutual development, as well as on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, the parties agree, on this basis, to conclude, in consultations, a strategic cooperation agreement between the parties on product development. as follows. 2.2 Over the duration of the agreement, Tencent will refer to the plan and principles set out in Appendix A-1 of this agreement to conduct commercial cooperation with Pinduoduo in the opening and provision of weixin wallet portal and Weixin payment services. 2.1 The parties agree that, as part of the duration of this agreement, the contracting parties will conduct extensive cooperation in the following areas. As part of the agreement, Yum China will take advantage of its significant supply chain advantages and resource aggregation capacity to encourage its upstream and downstream trading partners to invest in Wuhan.