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Agreement Of Verb With The Subject Exercise

. « Half of the students come from another country. » 20. The committee (debates, debates) examines these issues carefully. « I don`t know if there`s anyone in the office right now. » There is a debate about the word « data »! Technically, the data is plural (the singular form is « date »). However, in everyday language, people often treat « data » as « information » – as countless nouns that adopt the singular form. Both forms are therefore correct: « The data is correct » and « The data is correct ». To learn more about the « data debate », click here and here. . « Some students will not exist. » 19.

There were fifteen candies in that bag. Now there is only one!. 3. A dictionary and an atlas are missing from the library. . To talk about a single member of the police, we can say police officers or police officers – or the term gender-neutral police officer. « 40% of people don`t support the new law. » 2. Either my mother or my father (is, are) come to meet. 9. .