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Bcaa Collective Agreement

Bill 32 allows construction projects to be subject to specific project agreements negotiated on a case-by-case basis between employers and the Building Trades of Alberta. These agreements would exclude the application of other collective agreements between the employer and the unions and would only last for the duration (probably the duration of the project). Registered unions would have the opportunity to sign the project agreement to participate in the project, but would otherwise play no role in the negotiations. Any strike or lockout related to a project agreement would be prohibited. Bill 32 also simplifies the process of negotiating collective agreements for certain major construction projects, by allowing the main contractor of the project to enter into negotiations on multiple agreements with several « project unions » (generally defined as a union that is a negotiator of workers or who may be employed in the designated project). If the parties fail to reach an agreement, a mandatory arbitration procedure may be triggered. This amendment shall enter into force on 29 July 2020. Bill 32 requires unions to disclose to their members the breakdown of their union dues for general social purposes or for problems, charitable or non-governmental organizations, political activities and basic union activities directly related to collective bargaining and member representation. .