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Commbank Enterprise Agreement

One such source is the Fair Work Act, which provides that there are different types of agreements that are called company agreements and that can take precedence over employment contracts. [1] 17.5 There are three types of company agreements: 17.45 While company agreements concerning Commonwealth agencies currently do not contain any domestic violence clauses, the government has expressed support for business negotiations on domestic violence clauses in Commonwealth agency agreements. Hon Kate Ellis, Minister for the Status of Women, said the scope of an IFA was limited by the flexibility of the company agreement itself. [24] [10] Ibid. s 202. In addition, special requirements must be met in order for an IFA to be implemented, including a genuine agreement between the parties and for staff to be better off overall, in accordance with the IFA: Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) s 203. While there are no specific provisions linking personal leave to its use for domestic violence, Section 4.1 of the AGEBF states that company agreements must provide for conditions that help workers maintain a healthy work-life balance. In this context, employers and workers can negotiate at Agency level a wide range of issues and develop specific guidelines, including the application of personal/other provisions that go beyond the minimum legal requirements. [44] 17.18 Other stakeholders considered that ifAs are not likely to combat domestic violence and stressed that the introduction of other measures, such as. B the domestic violence clauses in company agreements were preferable.

[14] 17.25 ACCI raised concerns about the use and current restrictions on the use of IFAs by trade unions. . . .