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Direct Debit Service Agreement

This information is intended to help you understand the responsibilities (your and our) and other conditions applicable to your request for a direct debit. You can direct all requests regarding the direct debit function to customer service. You may request to postpone or change your direct debit function, including any stops or cancellations, by notifying us in writing at least five working days before the next scheduled charge. You may terminate your direct debit function at any time by written notification. It takes five working days for us to respond to such a request. We confirm that the charge has been stopped. It is your responsibility to check with your financial institution to find out if the direct debit is available from your account before completing the schedule of direct debit requirements. You must at all times ensure that your designated account has sufficient resources to fulfill a charge on the due date. It is your responsibility to notify us of the modification, transfer or closure of your designated account. You are responsible for all fees that may result from the use of the direct debit function, including fees charged to us on the basis of unpaid direct debits. These fees are debited from your cash account. If you have not requested a direct debit, you remain obliged to pay the amount due to us. nib reserves the right to cancel direct debits if your financial institution dishonors direct debits and to agree with you on another payment method.

nib will notify you in writing for at least 14 days if the details of your charge change. All information relating to your account remains confidential, unless it is necessary to make withdrawals from your financial institution. If the due date is not a business day, nib will debit your account on the first business day following the due date. Details of your direct debit agreement are included in your direct debit request. nib will rely on this data to process your payments until you cancel something else from us. The BECS is the standard system used for most online and direct debit transactions, especially those between companies and their customers or employees. The reference is the nib user identification number for this 000488 system. . . .